Chiplime Construction Limited: Building & Civil Engineering Contractors
Chiplime Construction Limited: Building & Civil Engineering Contractors
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Installation of Fixings

We install all types of specified mechanical and chemical anchor systems.

Chemical Anchors

Chemical anchors is a generic term relating to steel studs, bolts and anchorages which are bonded into a substrate, usually masonry or concrete, using a resin based adhesive system. This is an ideal solution for high load applications. In many cases the resulting bond is stronger than the base material. The system is based on chemical adhesion so no load stress is imparted to the base material making it perfect for use in materials of unknown quality.

Mechanical Anchors

We can install high performance, steel mechanical expansion anchors. These are designed for effective and reliable use in brickwork, blockwork, stone and concrete.

Soft Strip

Chiplime have carried out large number of soft strip sub-contracts for our clients in the building industry, we can remove generally everything within the building to get it back to its bare structure.

As well as the usual removal of floor finishes, suspended ceilings, doors and frames, skirting’s, partitions, etc. this work is usually carried out in conjunction with light or partial demolition, where structural and/or non-structural elements of the building are demolished or adapted to make way for alterations to the building. This is usually carried out by a mixture of diamond cutting and controlled demolition techniques all of which are described in detail in the other sections of our website


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