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Diamond & Rock Drilling

Diamond drilling offers an efficient and cost effective way of forming service holes and slots from 10mm to 1m in diameter to virtually unlimited depths into a multitude of hard building materials including reinforced concrete, brickwork and natural stone.

Diamond drilling can be carried out through virtually any thickness of wall or floor. The diamond drilling system is dust free and has a relatively low noise output. Various types of drill rigs enable drilling to be carried out in confined spaces, at angles and at inverted positions.

Automatic feeding devices can also be connected to the drilling motors which can increases the efficiency by providing optimal drilling at constant controlled pressure and the ability to automatically retract. The operative, instead of standing still and feeding the drill bit in by hand, can instead do other tasks such as preparing the next step whilst the drilling is in progress including controlling multiple set ups in close proximity.

For large or abnormal openings a technique called ‘stitch drilling’ is used, where a series of overlapping holes are drilled to form the opening. Diamond drilling is also used to create holes for anchor bolts and for producing concrete core samples for analysis.

We run various types of core drilling equipment powered by electric or hydraulic drive systems and stock a vast selection of core sizes.

Percussion and rock drilling use rotary percussion or compressed air for forming holes. This equipment can be hand held or a frame mounted machines and are commonly used when drilling non reinforced concrete or masonry.

Unlike diamond drilling percussion and rock drilling is a hammer action technique which vibrates the material loose with its tungsten carbide tips, clearing the hole as it proceeds. It is commonly used for dowel bar insertion and resin anchors. Structural engineers prefer this method of drilling as epoxy resins adhere / grip more thoroughly to textured / roughened surfaces.


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