Chiplime Construction Limited: Building & Civil Engineering Contractors
Chiplime Construction Limited: Building & Civil Engineering Contractors

Health and Safety

Chiplime are aware of their obligations and committed to promoting a safe working environment that will, so far is reasonably practicable, ensure the health and safety of all its stakeholders. Our stakeholders include our employees, supply chain, clients and their team, the public and the environment in which we live. Our employees include anyone who works on behalf of Chiplime and our associated works, this is inclusive of sub-contracted staff, consultants and organisations. We are determined that we shall excel in this area of our business and have adopted rigorous procedures and systems to achieve this goal. 

To view our Policy statements please click on the links below. All files are in PDF format.

Health & Safety          




Chiplime’s approach to sustainable construction consists of reducing waste and improving efficiency in all of its construction practices along with a wealth of experience and good business savvy.

Our strategy sets out a commitment to reduce the company’s carbon footprint while creating a safer and stronger industry through training and retaining a skilled and committed workforce.

Carbon Reduction

Chiplime are committed to reducing Carbon emissions by taking action where possible to help create a more sustainable future. We use the following reduction criteria:

• Measure our emissions from business activities
• Take advice on improving our environmental performance
• Find ways to reduce our carbon
• Improve the way we work and travel within our business

With these elements in place it ensures competent progress monitoring and helps us achieve our annual reduction targets.




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