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Chiplime Construction Limited: Building & Civil Engineering Contractors

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Chiplime has established itself as an extremely successful privately owned property development and investment company within the Home Counties. Our current portfolio comprises a range of developments, new builds, conversions, refurbishments and extensions across various, mainly residential, property sectors with a reputation for creating own investments opportunities with a general view on ‘buy to let’ within the challenging market conditions.

In addition, we are well positioned to be both flexible and diverse, and in the healthy position of being able to make considered decisions where we can identify added value on any scheme. The business is underpinned by a substantial equity base and we are always in a ‘buying mind’ to consider the right opportunity. Our experience and flat management structure enable us to make extremely quick but well informed decisions. As a result we choose to follow the opportunity rather than be tied to targets and are happy working this way.

We investigate, plan and manage all our development proposals. Planning and development takes into account both the physical and social impact of the built environment together with the commercial viability of the proposal. With our experienced team of consultants, designers, subcontractors and trades persons complimented by our own expertise we carry out all aspects of the development process, from the research and acquisition of the site, through to the planning and construction phase and to the eventual sale or leasing of the space.

Castle Dene Maidstone

Development of 2 new luxury 4 bedroom semi detached homes. This is one of our recent projects and featured due to its defiant and profound nature, being somewhat extraordinary and procurement proving more challenging than normal.

Chiplime Group successfully bidded and acquired a fair sized building plot in a sought after location within Maidstone, Kent.
The plot came with panning permission to build a large 4 bedroom dwelling house with attached garage. Having reviewed the existing plans it was immediately apparent that there was potential for 2 good sized units to be built instead.

However, this proved difficult and extremely challenging, particularly with the planning conditions already imposed. The land also had a restrictive covenant attached to it. This having been put in place by the ancestral owners to prevent over development of the area and limited the build to a one dwelling house. Furthermore, the planning history showed predecessors having attempted to carry out similar proposals and been refused.

Chiplime Group were optimistic and after careful consideration proposed a scheme that would be feasible and successfully gained planning consent for the construction of two spacious 4 bedroom semi detached units with attached garages. The proposed design elements ensured the units were perceived as one large house to remain in character with existing detached properties within the neighbourhood.

Albeit planning permission had been granted, construction phase could not begin as the proposal conflicted and breached the restrictive covenant. This then became a long winded negotiation and legal process with all third party members having privity of contract to the covenant. This was eventually finalised and Chiplime Group agreed financial compensation to all third party members in order to gain relief and subsequently moved forward with the development.



The construction phase was delayed further not only as a consequence of the restrictive covenant, various surveys having been carried out imposed further constraints and in particular Environmental Surveys.

The Aboricultural survey identified 2 large oak trees with preservation orders and requiring protection and permanent perimeter fencing was erected for the duration of the project creating working and storage space limitations. The land was in close proximity to The Old Farm House dating back to the 15th Century. Therefore an Archeological Brief had to be carried out in order to check for potential prehistoric remains that could be of importance. This exercise was completed and fortunately no archaeology was found to be present.


However, during the Ecology Survey discovery was made of protected reptile species, a legless lizard from the Anguidae family aka Slow Worm. The habitat could not be disturbed and a mitigation strategy was formed and approved by the local planning office prior to being executed. All the animals were captured and successfully and safely removed to a new environment. With reptile fences erected to ensure no other animals could enter the site vicinity from within the surrounding areas.

The project was carried out by Chiplime Group acting as the Developer and Principal Contractor, deploying in house procurement team and supply chain during preconstruction and construction phases. The project was a challenge right from the outset and Chiplime Group are pleased to say it was completed and delivered successfully.

The build was carried out using traditional methods of construction within a sustainable code 3 requirement. The structure itself proved somewhat technically challenging due to the design characteristics. In particular the main roof was complex with three different wall plate levels and further needing to be positioned on a stepped building footprint with the ridge lines needing to meet at the same height.

With all their efforts, Chiplime Group are proud to say that end result achieved was of outstandingly high quality and superior finish, greatly admired and complimented by all the local residence and in particular having enhancing the area itself.


Peter Singh (MD) of Chiplime Group would like to thank the project team for all their efforts and professionalism and performance as well as everybody involved in the project, producing a wonderful end result.







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