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Diamond Sawing

Diamond sawing techniques are precise, fast and efficient giving the advantage of clean cut edges thus eliminating the need for making good.

We can specify the most suitable diamond sawing technique for your specific requirements which can be differentiated into 4 main categories:

Chiplime have a range of floor saws to suit various concrete floor and road sawing operations, these include large and small diameter diesel, petrol and electric floor saws.

i) Floor & Road Sawing

Chiplime have a range of floor saws to suit various concrete floor and road sawing operations, these include large and small diameter diesel, petrol and electric floor saws.

Typically used to cut horizontal flat surfaces such as concrete slabs, roads, bridge decks and car parks to facilitate the removal of structural sections or to form expansion joints. The saws are self propelled or push along where the operator walks behind the machine controlling the speed and depth of cutting which can be up to 600mm

Our 3 Phase electric floor saws are particularly suitable for use in environmentally sensitive areas and the modular design of the saws allows us to use them where access may be an issue - this is done by dismantling the machine into manageable hand transportable parts.

ii) Wall (Track)

Sawing Wall or track sawing as it is often referred to, is a process used to form openings in reinforced concrete walls and floors without the need to drill a series of interlocking holes i.e. stitch drilling.

The track is mounted on a toothed aluminium rail which is secured to the concrete by anchor bolts. The saw unit is secured to the track by runners and a cog wheel engages the rail to move backwards and forwards along the track. This sawing method can also be used to cut horizontal surfaces if limited access prevents the use of floor saws and cutting depths of up to 1m can be achieved.

iii) Chain & Ring Sawing

Both hand held techniques are ideal for cutting door and window openings. These portable devices are ideal for construction and demolition sites where access or workspace is limited.

The diamond chain saw resembles the wood-cutting chain saw except the chain is fitted with diamond segments. The petrol or hydraulic driven hand-held chain saws are quick and efficient to operate and used for straight line cuts with right-angle corners achieving up to 750mm cutting depths.

The ring saw design is unique and based upon an angle-grinder but with an off centre drive. Like the chain saw it is a hand-held device and driven by petrol or hydraulic power. The depth of the cut is determined by the diameter of the diamond blade, up to a maximum depth of 260mm. The ring saw is relatively quiet to operate and vibration-free.

iv) Wire Sawing

Wire sawing is a very flexible and versatile method for concrete cutting, giving you the ability to remove large and often abnormal sections of concrete and masonry i.e. RC bridge sections, columns and beams etc, where the depth of the concrete prevents the use of other sawing techniques and where other cutting methods are impractical.

A multi-stranded diamond wire is fed through a series of pulleys, and tensioned to suit the requirements. Once positioned, the diamond wire is pulled around at high speed by a powerful drive wheel enabling the diamond beads attached to the wire to cut the material as it is pulled through.

The diamond wire is cooled and flushed by free flowing water to ensure ease of cutting and to minimise overheating during operation. The excess wire is stored on to a series of pulleys and stacked within the looping system as it is pulled through.


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